C Duncan – ‘Here To There’ [FatCat]

After the previous and monstrous single ‘Say’, C Duncan comes at us with ‘Here To There’: at once both not quite as subtly thumping yet slightly rockier.

The Beach Boys harmonies are intact, but there’s an almost post punk chug-along occurring underneath: the percussion may not be as solid and groovy as the last effort but the guitars are beefed up – and there’s still some decent thwacking of bits and bobs going on.

It’s supremely confident and singular and the dexterity displayed is at odds with the relative nervousness shown in the – admittedly first proper headline – gig; he and they really do not know how good they are, despite the polish of this output.

“Something tells me we’ve been here before…it’s so familiar” they sing and whilst that may be true it is at once reminiscent of the past with its pastoral melodies, but existing in its own, tiny modernist niche.

Backed by ‘Ocean Liner’ with it’s swirling atmospherics and plinking and plonking this is highly accomplished and, rather more importantly, delicious and delightful stuff.

Gentle and marvellous; this reviewer is sold; this artist is a tasty proposition.

Words: Andrew Morrison

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