BWANi at The Garage, 24/4/15

BWANi’s first Glasgow gig in a while sees them taking the floor in The Garage’s Attic.

Fresh off a couple of recent new releases (‘Snow’ and ‘Make My Day’), the Edinburgh based quartet seem to be in the process of creating a big burst of new material and a freshened live set.

I’ve seen them a couple of times in the last few months and though I enjoyed each of those shows, this evening from the first song they deliver something that turns out to be a much more sure-footed set; it seems they’ve completely cracked the live formula of when to showcase new material and when to joyously shake the dust off their older work.

On the subject of newly written songs, frontman, Rory Fairweather announces that there will be plenty tonight and a couple of the highlights are ‘Snow’, along with thus-far-unreleased ‘Stand Up’, showing how much practise has gone into vocal harmonies.

You’d be forgiven for throwing BWANi into the same pile as the vast amounts of other bands who are currently working on their indie-pop, but they have plenty of quirks that set them apart.

For example, Dan Muir’s intricate, and delightful, African infused guitar lines and their high levels of musicianship and ability to craft songs that have simple enough structures without ever sounding too similar to one another.

‘My Body, My Mind’, from their debut album, gets a heavier reworking early on for the purpose of higher energy – something BWANi make a lot of effort to convey live.

The penultimate song of is another new one, which Fairweather introduces with a little spiel about drunken nights out and ending up in the ‘Casino’; it probably qualifies as the rockiest song played.

A call to tradition is made in the few seconds of preparation for the final song where a quick familiar note comes from Muir’s amp, indicating that ‘Two Bridges’ retains its crown as fan favourite and set closer.

BWANi are a band in the middle of renewing their own vitality and hopefully the third album will seal the deal, but tonight has shown that their ability to play live as an extremely impressive unit remains strong.

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Words: Greg Murray
Photos: Elina Lin

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