Babe – The Hereaftergo’ers [Moshi Moshi]

Babe released The Hereaftergo’ers EP at the end of April, following up their debut album Volery Flight (2014); again the band is working with Moshi Moshi.

I have to admit selecting to review was to satisfy my curiosity, as though Babe are French based they contain mainly Scots, half of Findo Gask, and it is always interesting to listen to what an ex-band mate is doing isn’t it?

Gerard Black’s vocals are in front of all mixes, however with more detailed instrumentation around them – this is in reference to the work done with Findo.

The instrumentation of the band rarely sounds like a live band, the combination of samples, synth lines and melodic percussion suggest Django Django or The Phantom Band at times, however with a brilliantly added camp tropical aspect, the result of European sun no doubt.

The EP is a bouncy listen that is easy to sit through in one sitting, the shifts in gear on tracks such as ‘The Warbling’ intrigues me to what the current live show consists of.

Babe plays The Glad Café on May 30.


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