Model Aeroplanes at Tut’s, 29/4/15

When headed to King Tut’s for a gig you know to expect top quality music, an impressive performance and an overall great night, but when the sound engineer cranks up the volume and puts on Snoop Dog whilst waiting for the headliner act to come on you know you’re in for something special.

This is what happened when Model Aeroplanes were set to play, and with the whole crowd hyped up and already pulling their best moves (due to this bizarre choice of filler music) they appear and dive straight into the set with ‘New Toys’ – no need for introduction.

Although they started out young, Model Aeroplanes have developed drastically each year as their upbeat indie-pop music has set them apart from other bands attempting to do the same thing.

With songs not unlike the Two Door Cinema Club and Bombay Bicycle Club, they reflect their energetic music on stage with constant movement and plenty of hair flicks.

Bassist Ben Buist acts as though he’s in his own living room, floating all over the stage with no shame in his wild moves.

They take us back to some of their earlier music with the likes of ‘Crazy’, clearly well-known by the audience with a mass sing along taking place, as well as ‘Any Damn Kid’, which charming front man Rory Fleming-Stewart openly admits is the first song they wrote together.

New song ‘Our Heads are a Mess’ is more laid back and chilled than the others, proving that their style can vary and change between electric pop and indie rock.

When playing their latest release ‘Deep in the Pool’, Fleming-Stewart commands the audience to dance, yelling “dance, let me see you dance,” but the crowd take it to a whole other level creating mosh-pits in the middle of the floor.

The track is driven throughout by the drums, accompanied with funky guitar riffs and bouncy vocals, producing an overall happy-go-lucky pop anthem, which has many of their die-hard fans singing along.

Finishing their set with the ridiculously catchy ‘Club Low’, every-one in the room can relate to the lyrics “let’s face it we’re wasted, nowhere else to go” as they yell it back passionately with arms flaring.

The Dundee quartet prove themselves King Tut’s worthy, with each and every song being a perfectly sculptured pop gem and never letting the energy levels drop for a second.

Tighter than any similar Scottish bands, and with a following which is growing every day, the boys certainly have a bright journey ahead of them.

Words: Pamela Logan


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