Quiet As A Mouse – Memorybox

Edinburgh based band Quiet As A Mouse have just released their new EP, Memorybox, which begins in a mellow and gentle way, reflecting the opening track’s title (‘Snowflake’) in many ways.

Vocals from Alex Moran take centre stage, demonstrating his lyrical ability clearly as acoustic guitar and soft drumming accompany, however, the track build into an intense crescendo, something the band have perfected within this release.

It’s a dramatic and striking track that will leave an impression on those who witness it live.

‘The Day The Cat Came To Stay’ does not continue this style, but projects a much more indie/alternative vibe alongside hints of folkier aspects with vocals less prominent.

‘Letter In My Pocket’ is more stripped back and has a darker feel to it, reflecting the style of the opener.

The final and title track has many beautiful yet haunting qualities to it; it features eerie guitar, which fits extremely well with Moran’s riddle-like lyrics and warm vocals.

Memorybox as a whole features a great range of tracks that convey the band’s ability to wander in different directions musically, but tie it all together with the final track, while also hinting at excellent things to come.

Words: Orla Brady


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