We Came From Wolves – We Came From Wolves [Saraseto]

Hailing from the town of Perth, We Came From Wolves have went from strength to strength throughout their relatively short career.

From touring the UK twice to receiving over 15,000 views on their first music video, it has been a fantastic few years for those in the ‘Wolves’ camp.

After a busy year touring in support of their Paradise Place EP, 2015 sees the release of their long awaited debut self-titled album.

The band pulled off a masterstroke drafting in Bruce Rintoul (Fatherson, Twin Atlantic) to capture their sound, this album sounds absolutely huge from the word go.

‘Glasgow Stranger’ opens with a thunderous bouncy Reuben-esque riff that sets the tone for the whole track.

This song tackles a few different subjects close to vocalist Kyle Burgess’ heart; when asked about the meaning behind the song Burgess mentions feelings of isolation and alienation from the goings on back home, having moved from Perth to Glasgow to focus on the career of the band.

Although the lyrics are personal to him, the subject is extremely relatable for many, making this one of the most accessible and relatable songs on the album.

Bassist Rob Whytock and drummer Harrison White really carry the track through the verses, a thumping and relentless rhythm section like this is invaluable to any rock band.

Coupled with a soaring chorus melody that will get stuck in your head for days, this cements ‘Glasgow Stranger’ as an early favourite from the record.

‘Am I Useful’ maintains the frenetic pace with another killer opening riff, it soon makes way to a chorus laden riff from lead guitarist Taylor White.

This gels perfectly with Burgess’ soft delivery and melancholy lyrics about doubting your own aspirations, a subject many people can relate to.

‘Am I Useful’ packs another huge chorus hook reminiscent of fellow Scots Twin Atlantic that will be in your head for days on end.

It is no surprise this was chosen as the opening single, it is without doubt the standout track on the record.

‘Validate Me’ shows a very different, but equally heavy and catchy side to We Came From Wolves, opening with an acoustic guitar, it soon transcends into another heavy riff.

The slower tempo creates a totally different vibe that works equally as well as the other songs; again Whytock and White move the track along nicely with their thunderous bass and drum parts.

This is a solid release from one of the most exciting bands in Scotland at the moment; brimming with hooks, riffs and massive sing-along lyrics it is sure to go down well on their next tour.

We Came From wolves is the culmination of years of perfecting and refining their sound, each song is well thought out and everything serves a purpose.

We Came From Wolves are set for a big year.

Words: Andy McGonigle


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