The Indos – ‘Sitting In Silence’ [Twin City]

The Indos are a five piece indie rock band from Edinburgh, ‘Sitting In Silence’ is their latest single, and the first release since their Fifty Shades of Blue EP last year.

‘Sitting In Silence’ kicks off with an almost Camera Obscura nostalgic vibe; the lush lead guitar full of vintage tremolo provides the first noticeable hook.

This intricate lead work continues through the verse, giving the tune a summery 1960s-esque vibe, similar to that of the latest Arctic Monkeys records.

The Indos are unique in the fact they have three guitarists, allowing for carefully layered lead and rhythm parts and more dynamic range.

This is perhaps most noticeable on the bridge section, as vocalist Michael Knowles croons “sitting in silence, now my love has gone.

All three guitars provide a haunting reverb laden backdrop that really makes the lyrics pop, as ‘Sitting in Silence’ grooves along nicely like any summer indie tune, its melodies are reminiscent of the now defunct Sergeant.

The Indos have penned another smart indie rock song, with enough hooks to keep anyone interested; the musicianship displayed sets them apart from other bands of a similar ilk, it will be exciting to see what else the Edinburgh boys get up to this year.

Words: Andy McGonigle


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