Broken Boy – ‘Just To Leave You’ [Canvas]

Fife indie pop trio Broken Boy release the energetic new single ‘Just To Leave You’ with an air of professionalism and confidence.

Wearing it’s influences proudly, ‘Just To Leave You’ amalgamates elements of most guitar bands this side of the millennium with tight drum fills recalling early Kings Of Leon and the trebly, aggressive rhythm guitar of the Arctic Monkeys.

A lush reverb-soaked pre-chorus, worthy of any FIFA soundtrack, smoothen the ascent into the chorus, as siren-like feedback flavours the background of the mix.

Frontman Cameron Black’s cries for personal independence and responsibility hold a playful rebelliousness coupled with a sense of lament, oddly juxtaposed by the verses, which serve as a pragmatic manifesto summarising the ingredients for a happy life like an unironic Trainspotting poster or Radiohead’s ‘Fitter-Happier’.

While the energy and emotion is captured well in a solid recording, produced at the famous Chem19 Studios, the track’s biggest crime is it’s ubiquitous and formulaic structure, which pulls no tricks and lacks a unique character in it’s sound.

Nevertheless, the band sound confident and at home with this fact and it’s easy to imagine ‘Just To Leave You’ being played in King Tut’s or being featured on an advert for Channel 4’s Skins; Broken Boy suggest there are positives to walking indie’s well-trodden path in 2015.

Words: Liam Gingell


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