Gerry Cinnamon – ‘Kampfire Vampire’ [First Run]

Gerry Cinnamon has been going from strength to strength in the past year, having gone relatively unnoticed on the scene for a while (I first saw him in my local village pub around three years ago), which changed after the releasing of pro-independence anthem ‘Hope Over Fear’.

Latest single ‘Kampfire Vampire’ begins with a lo-fi recording of Cinnamon whistling with his guitar, sounding like it has been recorded on a 30 year old dictaphone, before some Springsteen-esque harmonica opens what proves to be an extremely well produced, well written song.

With well thought out lyrics, instrumentation and an extremely well placed quote inserted from a skit on hip-hop artist Shyne’s Gangland mixtape, Cinnamon’s diverse tastes and influences can be seen throughout the song, and B-side ‘Fickle McSelfish’.

“Dreams, bullshit scenes, rules are made to be broken sings Cinnamon, who’s often raucous one man shows appear to be breaking the conventional rules of what an acoustic singer-songwriter’s gigs should be like; and as he looks forward from ‘Kampfire Vampire’, one would imagine that he’ll be breaking more rules as he captivates audiences across Scotland.

Words: Neil Hayton


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