Waxahatchee, Pinkwash at Stereo, 15/6/15

It’s reasonably hard to fault Waxahatchee; this is my third time seeing her in Glasgow and although this year’s widely acclaimed Ivy Tripp hasn’t seen her have a bump in venue size, it certainly has excitement buzzing in a packed out Stereo.

Running behind time we get Pennsylvania duo Pinkwash opening proceedings with a cacophony of revving guitar and powerful drums, from Waxahatchee’s touring member Ashley Arnwine.

Guitarist Joey Doubek’s vocals come in high pitched, occasionally a little too high, like he’s staining to reach somewhere he can’t quite get, but that aside the full on energy of their loud yet melodic instrumentation is more than enough to keep an eager crowd interested.

There’s a wee injection of psychedelia towards the end of the set as they send volumes to a new level, with powerful grooves that are enough to inject a swagger into any walk home.

No one is heading home yet though; Katie Crutchfield is up next and the instant ‘Misery Over Dispute’, from 2013’s Cerulean Salt, washes over the crowd there’s no doubt we’re in right place.

The vocals comes clear and in focus as Katie; hair up, sporting a lax expression that occasionally breaks to a cheeky grin, delivers a delighting fuzzy pop sound that cruises through Stereo with ease.

Indeed Waxahatchee has become renowned with short tracks that just ooze charm and just seem to come so easily, and her band, including sister Allison, make this journey all the more enjoyable.

‘Lively’ and ‘Brother Bryan’ supply some mid set highlights, as Katie gestures dramatically between guitar busts giving a hint of attitude behind that laid back persona.

The candid charms of ‘Peace and Quiet’ demonstrate her exquisite abilities to write perfectly carved pop gems before leaving for a stripped back encore that finishes on the ever wonderful ‘Grass Stain’ from 2013 debut American Weekend.

Tonight Waxahatchee, once again, proves why they’re receiving so much praise; that casual ease and charm that this band, and Katie in particular, emit is a delight to behold, and with three superb album’s under her belt it’s hard to not see her reaching larger spaces the next time she visits these shores.

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Words: Iain Dawson
Photos: Derek Robertson


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