Leanne Smith – Precious Time

Leanne Smith grabbed my attention about a year ago after hearing a number of my fellow music business students’ talk about her music.

The solo singer-songwriter who happened to be in a few of my classes as she studied music at the same university as me has captured more than just my attention as she has not only manage to win the Calmac Culture Music Competition, but has also secured slots at the likes of Tiree Music Festival and Belladrum.

Smith has obviously been working hard on her musical career and it has paid off in the form of her long awaited first EP – Precious Time.

The EP showcases Smith’s delicate and almost fragile vocals beautifully combining them with softly plucked guitar and both relatable and heartfelt lyrics.

The best thing about Smith’s song choice is the variety between songs – although all follow the same underlining structure – stripped back, and lyric driven, the tempo changes dramatically between each keeping you gripped from the start.

Opener ‘Hunters’ begins softly with a beautiful guitar solo, but quickly picks up the pace when the guitar is joined by rhythmic percussion, making it the most upbeat of Smith’s selection.

Title track ‘Precious Time’ has a darker and sadder feel and allows Smith to really demonstrate her impressive vocal range and musical talent.

The EP ends with personal favourite ‘Canals’, it’s more upbeat than the previous track, but features a more dream-like and soulful summery vibe than ‘Hunters’ only amplified by lyrics such as: “we shop at the market, buy pocket watches and souvenirs/relish strawberries and chocolate/leave the carnival for beers.”

Well written and produced this EP has certainly been worth the hard work and the wait; I see myself frequently listening to it over the next few months.

Words: Jess Lavin


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