Dan Deacon, Wume at CCA, 18/6/15

Now this is a how a show should be, and to think I nearly didn’t make it after a particularly heavy night at the SAY Award last night; Dan Deacon is simply a masterstroke at putting on a live show, if you’ve never been to one his shows before make sure you do and have your energy about you, you’re in for a work out!

Openers Wume aren’t bad either, as their building grooves and shimmering synths combine, drenched in purple lights, to provide the very dark room with a strangely uplifting, yet soothing cacophony of sound; it’s enough to raise me from my hangover dirth anyway.

And then it’s the turn of the headliner, true enough his star has risen since the 2007 success of Spiderman of the Rings, Dan Deacon is hardly a name that everyone will know, but he’s well known enough now to easily sell out venues like CCA, and it’s sold out rooms that he thrives in.

On record Deacon has gone back to the stripped back electronics he had on his breakthrough record, and live tonight he plays with just himself and a drummer, but his secret weapon is how he can conduct an audience.

Some quirky opening monologue, where he chats about being a “one-year-old looking at the book of jobs” seeing “touring rock musician” and seeing the decription contained being in hotel rooms, trying to locate wi-fi codes and “downloading Game of Thrones”.

Indeed, Deacon is the geek we all secretly are, as he goes on to talk about GoT for some time culminating in the line “the internet is my coliseum”, before blasting into his distinctive brand of chaotic party tunes, accompanied by violently flashing visuals and totally addictive affected vocals.

He then splits the crowd and orchestrates a dance contest, which takes in a good portion of the audience before exploding the full dance floor into a mass of flailing limbs that doesn’t stop until Deacon decides it should.

An addictive version of SotR track ‘Wham City’ keep up the pace before Deacon introduces the “master choreographer section” of his set where, he gets both halves of the audience lead by two individuals in a series of choreographed dance that you can only imagine looks as big a spectacle as it feels.

Indeed his set is full of charming audience interaction from poignant speeches with everyone almost meditating hand in hand, to the “wall of life”, where two sides of the audience run at each other and try and high five as many people as possible after Deacon quips “first person to high five everyone in the room will live forever”.

Tracks like the electro-disco vibing newbie ‘Feel The Lightning’ and the charming ‘Snookered’ keep things blasting along to the end and not one person is left without a feeling of fulfillment.

Indeed, I don’t think I can sum it up any better than my photographer does after the show: “fun, moving, poignant and unconventional. Just a geeky internet dude like us playing great music!”

We need more live shows like this!

More Photos

Words: Iain Dawson
Photos: Derek Robertson


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