Tetra – ‘Tank’

Glasgow indie outfit Tetra follow up last years self-titled debut EP with the single ‘Tank’.

Starting with an ominous synth-tone, the track contains noticeably less of the instrument than the previous release, opting for groaning and grinding guitar strings that metamorphose into the song’s main motif; a powerful and robotic combination of the band’s two guitars and bass.

The slick and clean production compliments the verse’s icy, Edge-esque shots of trebly guitar and the dancing, snappy hi-hats that deliver good rhythmic variation.

However, the track hits a wall after the first verse and chorus pass and the same ploughing riff predictably returns, stubbornly refusing to deliver the necessary lift to keep itself interesting.

While lead vocalist Kevin Caldwell’s performance is strong with the refrain of “are you really there?” doing particularly well to convince the listener of the paranoid imagery in his words, the verse/chorus vocals lack distinct character and feel like missed opportunities to reinforce the lyrical content further.

‘Tank’ is an undoubtedly ambitious track with its impressive production quality confirming it’s intentions, but it’s lack of progression or destination in structure or lyrics results in an underwhelming listen that fails to live up to its captivating beginning.

Tank by Tetra

Words: Liam Gingell


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