Jason Riddell – ‘Wendy Please’

Singer-songwriter, Jason Riddell from Tain has played alongside a number of impressive names in the past year including fellow Scot’s RM Hubbert, Withered Hand and personal favourites PAWS as well as the likes of The Cribs and James.

Riddell’s debut EP, which was apparently recorded in a number of usual places (various flats, restaurants and meeting rooms) had me hooked on its meaningful lyrics and sublime melodies, therefore I was keen to hear his next single ‘Wendy Please.’

The single captures Riddell’s fantastic song-writing skills and heartfelt delivery while showcasing his unique take on simple acoustic guitar music.

This unique take feels a little mismatched at first, but quickly grows on you as it reflects the almost haunting and raw sound of the record matching its self-produced nature and therefore only adding to its personality.

This personal and passionate approach encourages listeners to side with Riddell and his music, softly submerging you into his story.

Wendy Please by Jason Riddell

Words: Jess Lavin


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