WHITE – Future Pleasures [RCA]

Like The The or cult Manchester rockers Keith, WHITE are cursed with a name so toe-curlingly, brain-meltingly bad that initially it poses a threat to the enjoyment of their music.

You just can’t damn well find it.

Their time spent sulking under the radar might very soon be over however; with radio play from the likes of Jo Wiley, a profile in NME and a record deal with Sony, things are looking all together rosy for the young band.

Their latest single ‘Future Pleasures’ is a high-octane indie-funk romp that seeks to bottle some of the rays of sunlight left over from both Circa Waves ecstatic ‘T Shirt Weather’ and Daft Punk’s sexy disco-rock smash ‘Get Lucky’.

Ever since the Gallic robot duo reintroduced the world to the genius of Nile Rodgers, there’s been a slew of young pretenders attempting to mimic his effortlessly funky chicken scratch guitar and on ‘Future Pleasures’ WHITE give it a better stab than most.

With the next stops on the groups itinerary being a show at Glasgow’s Stereo and then a slot at the Aviemore date of Mumford & Sons’ Gentlemen of the Road travelling festival, big things are expected of the youngsters in the year to come and ‘Future Pleasures’ is a synapse busting way to get acquainted.

Words: Max Sefton


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