Poor Things, Pinact, SHARPTOOTH, Halfrican at The Old Hairdressers, 27/6/15

With the likes of DF Concerts monopolising the Glasgow concert scene and even Bloc getting a lick of paint, those who like their gigs rough and ready are being pushed ever further underground.

Fortunately for such hardy characters, there are still a handful of places in the city, like The Old Hairdressers, whose gig venue is, quite frankly, a bit shit, but tonight’s music more than makes up for the less than salubrious surroundings.

The four acts on the evening’s bill are releasing a split EP together as well as taking their tunes on a brief tour of Scotland.

Riotous surf-punks, Halfrican, are dressed like seventies footballers in short shorts and plastic sports jackets, with fiery tracks like ‘Hot, Hot Hot’ and the rock ‘n’ roll blast of ‘Tell Me’, their tempo never seems to drop, peaking in a fearsome rendition of ‘Down To Fuck’, their contribution to the compilation.

After launching their debut single late last year, Jess Gunn, Lauren Laing, Kate Miller and Nico Miller aka SHARPTOOTH, have developed into a moody and dramatic live act.

Nodding to Patti Smith, Sleater Kinney and Joy Division, they muscle their way through a short set that’s high on drama, trading vocals and bringing a portentous mood over the Hairdressers’ crowd.

There’s no band in Glasgow who have gigged harder than Pinact in the last couple of years and Corrie Gillies’ melodic powers have increased immeasurably over this time span.

The duo’s newer tracks channel Stephen Malkmus as much as Kurt Cobain, but it’s still the ear-splitting guitar that is most forcibly seared into listener’s ears, reminiscent of J Masics or Kevin Shields vanquishing their foes with pure noise.

Glasgow/Perth trio Poor Things dial the volume back a little, but they’re still an appealing and engaging live act, practically bouncing through their set.

Biffy Clyro may be relaxing with a pint downstairs, but in the cramped upper floor of The Old Hairdressers the walls start to sweat and tremble and there’s nothing but good time rock and roll.

Words: Max Sefton


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