A Band Called Quinn – ‘Drive With Your Eyes Closed’ [Tromolo]

A long-standing part of the Glasgow music scene, A Band Called Quinn turned their considerable talent towards scoring the multimedia performance piece Biding Time (Remix) back in 2013.

These art-pop maestros are no strangers to scoring (for film or theatre) and it shows in this latest release – ‘Drive With Your Eyes Closed’ oozes polished professionalism.

Based on Louise Quinn’s experience signed to a recording contract, Biding Time (Remix) explores what the music industry demands and expects of women today.

Quinn’s soulful vocals, deadpan yet dreamy at the same time, are perfectly suited to conjuring up tension and anticipation throughout the track, underpinned by a strong bassline, droning synths and well-textured electronic rhythm work (listen for the sporadic, well-timed clicking throughout).

There is a nice moment (“It’s getting close to the end”)– where Quinn’s voice takes on a Lana Del Ray quality; the entire track has the dramatic, ominous feel of a Western and is reminiscent of some current neo-Western blockbuster soundtracks.

It’s also tempting to draw comparisons with Giorgio Moroder and similar electronic soundtracking pioneers; ‘Drive With Your Eyes Closed’ feels similarly dated, but pulls off the genre with considerable ease.

‘Drive With Your Eyes Closed’ certainly conjures up enough atmosphere to spark an interest in the multimedia performance.

Without context the lyrics slightly miss the mark; however a quick look at the press material surrounding Biding Time (Remix) (which has recently toured as far away as Brazil) suggests that the soundtrack is only one part of an extremely engaging performance – certainly one to catch if it appears in Glasgow again.

Taken alone, the track is a moody, engaging piece of work and a great example of what ABCQ are capable of – art-pop of the highest standard.

Words: Tom Deering


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