Ded Rabbit, FOREIGNFOX, Charly Houston at Broadcast, 3/7/15

After spending a day outside enjoying a rare but glorious Scottish summer day I was looking forward to finishing it off with a gig at one of my favourite pubs – Broadcast.

Making my way downstairs to Broadcast’s basement venue I’m surprised how quiet the room is as Charly Houston takes the stage.

Houston is known for her on-stage banter and doesn’t disappoint treating the crowd to a number of funny anecdotes between songs, however her sense of humour is not the only thing Houston has going for her as she fills the room with stunning vocals and shows her true musicianship.

Despite claiming not to be a fan of mash-ups she perform a number of relaxed and stripped back versions of popular songs including ‘All About The Bass’ and ‘Valerie.’

Post-rockers FOREIGNFOX are up next, offering a very contrasting sound to Houston, which shakes the venue awake.

I am lucky to have seen FOREIGNFOX live a number of times and they never disappoint, tonight being no exception as they power through a number of favourites including ‘Quiet At Home’ and ‘Blackout.’

Before playing the recently released ‘Frostbite’ frontman Jonny Watt mentions the irony, but despite it’s title not being fitting to the weather outside it is still a welcome addition to tonight’s set.

They close with ‘The Reason for Everyone and Everything’ allowing them to showcase some sublime harmonies, making tonight’s set a memorable one.

Tonight’s headliners Ded Rabbit have travelled from Edinburgh to promote the release of their new EP Moving In Slow Motion ahead of their T in The Park set next week.

Sadly the venue is still looking quite deserted as they take the stage, but this does not hold the band back, as they give it their all delivering an energetic set.

The four brothers continue to play a tight show and are clearly enjoying themselves, making them extremely entertaining to watch while their catchy tunes leave me with a smile on my face.

They close with new track ‘100 Degrees’, which singer Eugene Gaine jokes is similar to the current temperature in the room.

Even through the crowd might not be feeling the heat Ded Rabbit’s lively stage presence means they certainly are, however the band still continue to give it their all one last time closing tonight’s show with a bang.

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Words: Jess Lavin
Photos: Derek Robertson

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