King Eider – The Beast With Two Backs [New Pupil]

Folk rock five-piece King Eider’s newly released EP, The Beast With Two Backs, contains four tracks, plus a hidden track, each with a similar focus in genre and structure alongside a mix of instruments and vocal styles.

Opener ‘Fire’ commences the EP by displaying the band’s ability to combine genres that into one song; within this one track there are moments where folk is the prominent, however indie and rock influenced sounds are introduced and this combination continues throughout the EP.

Blindfold the Beast’ is a well-structured folk track, featuring some blues inspired bass riffs and drumming alongside haunting strings and clear vocals.

‘Falling’ slows down the pace and is lighter and more free flowing than the previous tracks; the track increases its intensity as it dramatically speeds up accompanying the high pitched vocals.

The four tracks presented here are quite similar in that they are each gentle, folk-heavy and easy to listen to songs, yet together they create a strong foundation for the band to continuing building on; promising a successful album in the future.

The Beast With Two Backs EP by King Eider

Words: Orla Brady

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