Ubre Blanca, WHILST, hausfrau at TheHug and Pint, 11/7/15

Ms hausfrau provides the entrée for tonight’s festivities: a bewilderingly early slot, not as any comment on the other two bands this eve, but simply because she is shit hot; some kind of march up the pecking order is overdue.

‘Season of the Witch’ is the predictable stand out in a sexy, moody collection recalling Electribe 101 at their finest; with some added sultry, insouciant, low-key techno vibes tossed in for our delectation.

Excellent and surely coming to a headline near you soon.

Next up WHILST troop on – all 857 of them – and rattle out a good time set featuring reverb-happy sax, virtuoso clattering percussion and various twiddling of knobs: jazzy and touching on Afrobeat at times, it crashes about and makes the hips wiggle.

A little reminiscent of Fat-Suit if that’s your bag – although about 93 fewer members.

Hard to get beyond a blunt assessment overheard from some other punters viewing the jumpy affray:

“Quite liked them”.
“Aye they were good. No bad at all”.
“Absolutely. I’d no get ISIS to direct their first video”.

You don’t get cultural criticism like that in the Telegraph.

Which brings us in no way whatsoever to the headliners; Ubre Blanca in full effect.

Oozing on to what almost sounds like the first bars of the Exorcist soundtrack, the two-piece are a startling proposition; 50% axe-worrying metal type dude, 50% taut drummer mislaid by 80’s New Beat chancers Nitzer Ebb at some point.

The rather unique performance comes across initially like Spinal Tap phoned up John Carpenter and suggested they make an Italo record… with Donna Summer on vocals, though she later declined due to previous engagements… In a good way.

Melodramatic, thumping stuff that’s at once cosmic and quite atavistic and brutal; powerful live drums with lascivious, almost hi-energy basslines and (ironically enough) the guitar being roundly abused by Joel Stone providing the most delicate melodies across the top.

Absolutely no idea where it fits into the musical landscape, but it’s groovy, dancey, heavy, at times playful and quite quite barmy; I like it a lot.

Entirely instrumental – mental all round really – it’s rampantly steroidal and gallops along to great approval from the crowd squeezed into the microscopic basement venue.

See them; you won’t have seen owt like ’em before: also the first band you’ll encounter named after an heroic Cuban cow so make some heifer…t

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Words: Andrew Morrison
Photos: Stewart Fullerton

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