Nieves – ‘Black Tie’

With their roots in acoustic folk, you’d be forgiven for not immediately recognising Nieves’ latest offering.

‘Black Tie’ is something of a sonic progression, but with a prominent use of dark, melancholic piano there are still at least some familiar focal points.

This is not to say that the aforementioned progression is inherently negative however.

The addition of a well-crafted beat and appropriately delicate guitar counter-melodies build upon the honest song writing, that may be expected of the Glasgow band to create a more modern and at times utterly euphoric sound.

No punches are pulled thematically or lyrically, and Brendan Dafters’ characteristically emotive voice sits in a space between sorrow and anger that lends the track a certain weight it may otherwise lack.

‘Black Tie’ is undoubtedly a positive evolution in the creative path of Nieves’, who will be self-releasing their second EP, Matriarch, this coming September, as well as performing live at the Belladrum (7-8 August) and Loopallu (25-26 September) festivals later this year.

Words: Michael Mavor


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