The Van T’s – Fun Garcon [Shoot The Moon]

I first had the pleasure of stumbling across The Van T’s two years ago when they supported Motherwell’s the Banter Thiefs in the ABC – the twins bringing to the stage what I described at the time as an emotive brand of indie folk – and so as I disappeared into my headphones to give the duo’s latest release Fun Garcon a listen, I could have been forgiven for expecting more of the same; I was a bit wrong.

As the EP tears into ‘Fun Garcon’ it becomes instantaneously clear this is an act who have spent the months following that Glasgow support slot growing and redefining their sound for the better; distortion and reverb underpin the track as the soaring vocals from the Van Thompson sisters compliment a stunning assault on the senses.

‘Growler’ follows ferociously purveying The Van T’s impressive sound through outstanding riffs and atmospheric lyrics; at times the song’s sheer consuming quality takes hold, pouring out of the headphones like an unstoppable force.

The EP’s fantastic hat-trick finishes on ‘Whale’ with a great burst of energy; the duo rip through another track laden with sublime harmonies, grunge attitude, and dazzling riffs, drawing to a close a record that nods towards the likes of the Pixies and the Raveonettes, while still managing to remain truly unique.

This is a remarkable EP; who knows exactly what happened to the acoustic-folk duo of two years ago, but when the new Van T’s sound is this good who the fuck even cares?

Words: Jason Henderson

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