The OK Social Club – Baby Eat Your Heart Out [Platform]

The new album from Edinburgh based five-piece The OK Social Club secure their reputation as a promising up and coming indie rock band.

Opener ‘À la Mode’ introduces the band’s style as clean, structured indie rock combined with simple, but prominent dance beats.

‘Walkie Talkie’ speeds up the pace, but continues in the same vein; it’s strongest track on the album, with a memorable chorus, clear vocals and strong riffs, which reach noticeable crescendos regularly throughout.

‘Camarilla’ begins with distorted vocals, which mimic an archetypal techno or dance track, however the rest of the track returns to their heavier indie rock vibe.

Throughout the album, it is clear to see the similarities with bands like The Twilight Sad; through their experimentation with genres, alongside the intensity of the music and the depth of the lyrical content.

Women and Children First’ provides a stripped back break as the pace is slowed down, allowing singer Raff Eragona’s vocals to be the focus.

The OK Social Club have succeeded in creating an album that is bound to please any indie, alternative fans, each track helps to form an interesting and individual sound, which will undoubtedly grow alongside the band in the next few years.

Words: Orla Brady

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