King Tut’s Summer Nights with Made As Mannequins, Poor Frisco, Broken Boy, Saint Secaire, 23/7/15

I’m in high sprits as I make my way along to King Tut’s for my first of their Summer Nights.

Tonight’s show is one of the few that really caught my eye with a few of my current favourites filling the lineup.

First up is the only band I don’t recognise but I assume by the rest of tonight’s lineup that they’ll be my cup of tea… sadly I’m wrong.

Saint Secaire certainly look like a well put together band but their sound is quite messy, making it hard to hear the melodies or meaning in their lyrics.

Their stage presence slightly awkward with their vocalist Dylan Smith seeming a bit lost, spending a lot of time with his hands on his hips, however I do have some respect for Saint Secaire as they give it their all in an attempt to play some catchy songs for a relatively small audience.

The venue isn’t looking much busier as St Andrew’s Broken Boy take the stage, which is a shame as brothers Stewart and Cameron Black fill the room with superb harmonies.

It is clear from the start that this band has excellent stage presence, using the whole stage during their performance while their upbeat rhythms leave me with a smile on my face.

Broken Boy continue to play an extremely energetic and well thought out set featuring expertly plucked guitars and sublime drumming from the band’s newest addition Fraser Laing.

They close their set with crowd pleaser ‘She Said’, which really showcases Cameron’s strong vocals before building up into a breath-taking performance worthy of a much larger audience.

The energy in the venue remains during Poor Frisco’s set as the now growing crowd eagerly watch their performance and offer loud claps and cheers between songs.

It’s easy to see that each member is really giving it their all tonight as they power through both old songs and one’s from their forthcoming album.

Towards the end of their set they slow things down and treat the crowd to a number of excellent instrumental solos, showcasing the band’s musicianship.

Their final song gives them one last time to blow the crowd away and they don’t disappointed as it bursts into life, filling the room with a powerful sound.

Sadly by the time Made As Mannequins begin their set I’m checking my watch and aware that it won’t be long until I have to dash for my train.

They open their set with fantastic harmonies from Ben Macfarlane and Jamie Flynn and catchy riffs, encouraging the crowd to dance.

Macfarlane has excellent stage presence and his repartee with his audience only heighten their performance.

Like the previous two bands, Made As Mannequins’ set is full of energy and their upbeat tropical sounding tunes make it hard for me to keep my foot on the ground.

I manage to stick around to hear five songs, including personal favourite ‘Hawaii’, which is the perfect fit for a “Summer Night” in Tut’s.

Words: Jess Lavin

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