Justhope – Eye Witness

Eye Witness is the second EP from up and coming Glaswegian pop-rock band Justhope.

Lead single ‘Ordinary’ is a smooth jam with an instrumental break reminiscent of Paul Simon’s African excursions.

Lyrically it’s not exactly heavyweight, but there’s a breezy pop feel to the melody that sells itself nicely.

The equally un-rumpled ‘Eye Witness’ could be a lost B-side from the MOR eighties, but it undercuts the easy-listening vibe with some interesting drum rhythms that translate the predictable sentiments into a quirkier white-funk jam that makes the most of a strong selection of vocal talents.

’Give Me Something’ never quite hits the highs of the first two tracks, but it’s another upbeat pop-funk workout that recalls the poppier moments of John Mayer.

As Paolo Nutini reimagines himself as a Paisley Stevie Wonder, there’s a gap in the market for a Scottish group with easy melodies and a pop sensibility and Justhope are obviously hoping it might be them.

Eye Witness is not going to provoke a major label bidding war on its own, but it’s good to see a young band with an ear for an instant melody.

Words: Max Sefton


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