The Gories, Halfrican at O2 ABC Glasgow, 30/7/15

Tonight is all about nostalgia, garage music and good times.

This evening sees a return to the spotlight for Glasgow’s very own Pin Up DJ’s along with El Rancho in order to bring (for the very first time to our green shores) 80’s scuzzy, garage heroes The Gories.

Support comes from Glasgow’s very own fledgling pioneers of fuzzy, upbeat punk songs – Halfrican.

Currently doing the rounds and gaining local support and adulation, it’s hard to not enjoy Halfrican’s own brand of Calypso style garage rock.

It’s also difficult not to enjoy their matching ‘short’ shorts outfits and in-sync on stage costume changes.

They offer the perfect beginning to a night of ‘Nuggets’ themed blues guitar rock.

Hailing from Detroit Michigan the trio, comprising; Mick Collins on guitar, Dan Kroha on guitar and vocals and Peggy O’Neill on drums doesn’t hesitate in launching straight into fuzz filled ‘Hey, Hey We’re The Gories’, to which the Glasgow crowd respond with fist pumping, bopping and some seriously questionable skiffle dance moves.

Playing at break neck speed The Gories hurtle through an hour-long set of fast paced, lo-fi punk, playing classics like; ‘Feral’, ‘Telepathic’ and ‘Give Me Love’ showcases just how perfect these three have their sound.

The band can alternate between The Clash style guitars, angry loud and proud to the softer jangle of The Strawberry Alarm Clock instantaneously.

It’s only about 20 minutes into the set before the band are drenched in sweat from putting it all into tonight’s performance.

The confident strut of O’Neill’s drums, hail the intro to ‘Ghost Rider’ and all of a sudden the room is galvanized into spontaneous moshing; a frenzy that lasts the rest of the night.

Fan favorite, ‘Nitroglycerine’ see’s the Glasgow crowd roaring every word right back at the band, as they stomp and strut proudly up on stage.

It’s clear from the looks on the faces of everyone in the crowd (ranging from dads and granddads to young teen-aged indie kids) that tonight is a success.

A great gig, nostalgic yes, but evidently still a very vital part of Glasgow’s current thriving music scene.

The Gories it would seem would be welcomed back, with arms wide open to Glasgow once again.

Words/Photos: Ang Canavan


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