Scottish Fiction presents Mt. Doubt, Akela, Dec’ 91 at The Hug and Pint, 4/8/15

Scottish Fiction, the platform created by Neil Wilson to champion new local bands through a website, radio show, and gigs, is responsible for tonight in The Hug and Pint, a tiny new venue on Great Western Road.

First up is Dec’ 91, the musical moniker of Craig Ferrie, who has recently recorded his first album Quebec in Canada.

He opens with a couple of acoustic solo songs, then is joined by a drummer who ups the volume.

This next part of the set sounds like Keaton Henson if he discovered Adderall and amplifiers; his onstage presence is endearing and light-hearted between songs, during which he glares out into the audience from under a fringe and baseball cap.

Together the musicians have the contrasting dynamics trick down to a tee, going from quiet verses to thrashing choruses in a few drumstick clicks, this is demonstrated in ‘Fuck You’ with its comically intense lyrics.

Second act Akela are a late addition to the bill, as a replacement for Deadly Rides, and sadly Ben Gracie’s soft vocals are often lost under the noise of the band, so lyrical content is hard to discern.

The music is otherwise enjoyable, with bright and dreamy guitars that are a combination of classic folk and contemporary acts like DIIV; tracks like new single ‘Past Sunrise’ are very much in upbeat indie-pop territory.

Headliners Mt. Doubt takes the stage with a dramatic art-rock sound, thick with robust guitars and keys.

The band is Edinburgh based, led by songwriter and producer Leo Bargery and this gig marks the Glasgow launch of the recently released album, My Past is a Quiet Beast, which has been well received by fans including the like of Vic Galloway.

Bargery performs deep and commanding vocals reminiscent of The National as Mt. Doubt’s atmospheric soundscape ends the night on a high for an enthusiastic crowd.

Words: Ellen MacAskill


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