The Duke, Detroit – ‘Summer’s Come’

A slice of seasonal fare from the hotly tipped and recently relocated Dukes; apt for their new home in London anyway, if perhaps slightly ambitious for Glasgow 2015.

In original form it’s in a similar vein to previous effort ‘Iconic’: a little more organic and guitary overall perhaps, but it’s recognisably them: for such a young band, nailing an identity so early on is impressive.

And it’s an identity here infused with an optimistic, and yes summery, vibe; sweeping strings and all.

The influences still ring fairly audibly – the sounds reminiscent of electronic stretch to a touch of Bernard Sumner-esque rapping even – but there’s enough to take it way beyond simple, retro homage.

That said, if they’d called it ‘Sumner’s Come’ it would get eight million stars out of five for comedy value alone.

Enthusiastic, but graceful, with a sense of sophistication and rather irresistible pop glee.

The alternative mix provided by Flooze is a more outre affair: don’t let that fool you though; two listens and the initially more restricted and moody groove reveals its inner behemoth.

Stripped down with far more space and stark electronica it’s a thing of beauty: always a little unfortunate saying the remix is better than the original, but both parties seem close and collaborative and frankly there’s no getting away from it; the A side may be the car radio gem, but give me this stretched out, slightly claustrophobic and breathless version all day long.

Or all night; as long as it’s hot and humid in da city.

Talented chaps and an album on the way it would appear; watch closely.

Words: Andrew Morrison

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