OUTBLINKER at The Hug and Pint, 8/8/15

The cosy basement of The Hug and Pint is packed out for tonight’s show and it is not surprising since the noise around tonight’s headliners has been growing larger over the last few months.

The crowd are eager to see what the Glaswegian instrumental five-piece OUTBLINKER have to offer creating a magnificent buzz in the tiny venue.

From the moment the band take the stage they immerse you in their performance – it is obvious tonight’s set has been well thought out not only instrumentally, but also visually with some almost eerie light effects amplifying the atmosphere.

Filling the whole stage OUTBLINKER open their set with crashing instruments as loud fuzzed strings battle against deep hypnotic synth to create an adrenaline-fuelled sound.

The clashing noises don’t subtract from each other, in fact quite the opposite, complementing each either and forging mesmerising melodies.

There is a slight dip in momentum during the middle of the set, as the haunting sound begins to become repetitive, however this interlude gives OUTBLINKER the time to accelerate even further, building up to a triumphant close.

Towards the end of the set the band state that they have “played all of their songs” but instead of calling it a night there – much to the crowds delight – they decide to play a further 15-minute improve set.

OUTBLINKER are a unique and welcoming change to the Glasgow scene with the ability captivate all of your senses, forcing you to become engrossed in their sound.

Words: Jess Lavin


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