Poor Things / Pinact / SHARPTOOTH / Halfrican – Split [Gerry Loves]

Turning five years old, Gerry Loves Records is an Edinburgh-based DIY label with a love for old school formats and underground Scottish music; covering everything from pop eclecticism to screaming noise-rock.

This EP brings together four of the hottest bands in the country for a four track compilation that spans crunchy Weezer-like power-pop, Malkmus indebted college rock and grungy lo-fi sounds

Poor Things open things up with the poppiest track on the EP.

The initial signs tease a lost Flaming Lips track, which never materialises; barged out the way by an irrepressible guitar-led tune.

With a second album due soon, ‘No Way, José’ is a bouncy romp from the guys who gave the world the wonderful ‘A drunk man considers the royal wedding at Kelvingrove Park’ and offers a taster of a brighter, more optimistic sophomore record.

If there’s one bad who epitomise everything the Glasgow underground does well, it’s Pinact.

The duo, on this recording, of Corrie Gillies (guitar/vocals) and Chris McCrory (drums), have the play anywhere, any stage, any time values of classic garage rock nailed and now they’ve started to crack the tunes too.

Frequently compared to early Nirvana and Dinosaur Jr, ‘Everybody Says’ could be their most melodic song to date without sacrificing any of their signature punch.

Kicking off side two, the wonderfully named SHARPTOOTH are an all-female four piece with a debt to Patti Smith and Joy Division.

‘Queen of Scots’ is a gnarly rocking beast that trembles and roars for a mere one-minute-50-seconds, shaking the bars of the cage and demanding to be fed

It’s less easy to grab onto than the boys on Side A, but just as exciting an end product; part glass shattering drums; part tightly coiled rage.

Finally, the last band on show is Halfrican.

Best known for their questionable stage gear (running shorts and vintage sports jackets), the trio bash out loud and joyful surf-punk like a Scottish Dead Kennedys.

‘Down to Fuck’ is a bratty, tongue-in-cheek pogo that rides the same wave of ramshackle glory as the sadly now-defunct Jim Jones Revue.

A great intro tape to four of Glasgow’s most fun underground acts,

Split EP by Poor Things / Pinact / SHARPTOOTH / Halfrican

Words: Max Sefton


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