Ded Rabbit – Moving In Slow Motion [Ded Rabbit]

With their third self-released EP of the year, Ded Rabbit has been busy bees in 2015; their perky indie pop songs are not exactly sophisticated, but there’s a winning melodic simplicity to the likes of ‘Scarlett Cardigan’ and the title track.

With the energy of The Strokes and the familial spirit of Drenge, Moving in Slow Motion is the sound of a band moving almost too fast to keep up, their jittery energy tossing out melodies and moving on before the dust can settle.

Originally from Yorkshire, but settled in Scotland, the four brothers, Eugene (vocals, rhythm guitar), Fergus (lead guitar), Donal (bass) and Eoin Gaine (drums) channel the swagger of Hard-Fi or Catfish & the Bottlemen, while somehow managing to avoid the temptation to come across as uncontrollable bellends.

After the explosive ‘Scarlett Cardigan, ‘100 Degrees’ is their own “Ra Ra Wreckin Bar”, a sub-two minute pop song delivered with wit and economy, while standout track ‘Step of Your Shoes’ flits between a hooky guitar riff and a punchy chorus.

The quartet’s early singles used squealing saxophone to set them apart from the rest of the Scottish indie crowd, but by stripping things back they display a skilful melodic sensibility, particularly on the aforementioned ‘Step of your Shoes’.

Keep this up and they’ll soon be the second most popular bunch of lagomorphs in Scotland and a far cheerier proposition than Scott Hutchison’s gang.

Words: Max Sefton

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