The Moon Kids – ‘Ice Cream’ [Block 18]

The Moon Kids are back with their new single ‘Ice Cream’, a catchy electro pop summer offering.

A melodic start easies into a burst of electric guitar and drums giving the track a feel that will make any listener want to get up and start popping around.

‘Ice Cream’ is the follow up single to ‘Strange Thoughts On Sunday’ and showcases the continual unique, chilled sounds on The Moon Kids offer.

The smooth vocals of singer, David Barr compliments the electro pop melodies of the track making ‘Ice Cream’ extremely easy listening.

It’s no surprise this latest offering will have you hitting the repeat button having been produced by the man behind Mogwai and Snow Patrol, Michael Brennan Jr., aiding The Moon Kids in creating a song that is guaranteed to grow their fanbase.

The Moon Kids are definitely flying the kite for alternative pop music with catchy lyrics and mesmerising sounds; ‘Ice Cream’ is a solid track paving the way for more “fairground pop” from the Scottish trio.

Words: Lorne Gillies


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