Jack James – Letters of Last Resort

Jack JamesLetters of Last Resort contains 12 tracks, which follow a very similar style, however also experience subtle changes in a variety of ways.

Opener ‘Call Of The Void’ begins with solo piano, which builds into a track, based around upbeat guitar chords and James’ raspy, coarse vocals.

‘After Hours’ comes across darker, and is entirely based around repeated chords played on acoustic guitar giving it a simple, stripped back sound that pushes the deep, poignant lyrics to the forefront.

They appear to be about regret and various unpleasant emotions, which may occur in the early hours of the morning, mirroring the album title and developing on the theme.

As the album continues, James is displays a mainly indie rock sound, however he alters his style; from heavy and intense to the stripped back and softer sides of the genre.

‘Your Turn’ is slowed down a great deal and highlights that this is an emotionally fuelled album, as the lyrics include riddles and hints into a breakdown of a relationship.

‘Please Tell Me That Is Not What You See’ is a piano-based track and is similar to the opening track but is more simplistic, with heavier indie guitar and drumming.

At this stage, the album falls into a relaxed low following the electric high it began with; ‘White Present’ continues the slower and calmer feel of the album’s second half, creating a haunting and sinister sound before ‘Driving Down’ concludes the album, tying things together into a crescendo of prominently indie based guitar chords alongside lighter riffs and vocals.

There are tracks on Letters of Last Resort that are guilty of fading into the background, however James succeeds in creating intense and emotional tracks, providing an insight into his inspiration and motivation behind the album.

Words: Orla Brady


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