The Color Waves – ‘Chirology’ [Cloudberry]

‘Chirology’, the debut single from The Color Waves, is an ethereal, hazy guitar-pop piece that’s simultaneously soothing and captivating.

The track is a mellow ballad featuring airy, soft soubrette vocals and familiar dreamy guitar chords that feels like getting a hug, only in a dream.

In fact, it ascends so high into dreaminess that the lyrics themselves almost escape, which is a shame because they are charmingly candid and intimate.

B-side ‘Rose’ has a darker, more interesting sound with stronger electronic and shoegaze influences and definitely reigns supreme on this release.

The track features both female and male vocals, very effectively maintaining the same airy feeling, but adding a bit of murkiness to the mix.

The repetitive electronic drum track, along with a subtly hypnotising synth line and a rather original guitar riff that climbs to an electric guitar section create a real progression in the piece, so the end result is haunting and slightly mysterious, still firmly in the dreamy realm.

Altogether, the release is a mellow, yet enigmatic one that is easy on the ears and has a surprisingly high haunt-factor.

Chirology by The Color Waves

Words: Silja Slepnjov

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