Sinderins, Have Mercy Las Vegas, Graeme Quinn at Tut’s, 4/9/15

Many will remember them as “Anderson, McGinty, Webster, Ward & Fisher” and with a slightly different line up, but 2015 didn’t just bring a name change for these guys; they have recently finished their debut album, had its launch and now playing a few venues around the UK marking a new and optimistic future for Sinderins.

The night starts with Graeme Quinn, with only his acoustic guitar and a keys accompanist he brings the mood to a melancholy vibe.

Joking with the crowed he says that he doesn’t have any happy songs, he’s not wrong but it completely suits his voice, which has a powerful wistfulness about it that is quite charming and he knows how to captivate his audience.

In between songs Quinn has banter with the crowd before touching on a more sensitive subject; he performs a song by his old band mate and friend who is ill.

The pureness of his performance completely silences the venue; a raw and emotional tribute to his friend, Quinn has a knack for moving a crowd with his soulful deliveries.

Have Mercy Las vegas-12

Have Mercy Las Vegas take to the stage with a sureness and confidence despite for the first half of their set being a member short.

It seems as though half of the venue are die-hard fans, and the other half have no idea what they are in for.

HMLV are a band that connect with the crowd and want the fans to have as much fun as they can and as the set starts there isn’t one person sitting still.

They describe themselves as folk blues Americana, and the folk influence is definitely apparent; with every song the band go from strength to strength and with chants of “bring on the fox” before their fiddle player joins the line up the set goes up a notch with the amazing ‘Barn Song’, one of the most upbeat songs I’ve ever heard live.

I may be biased as I love my folk and blue, and it maybe be cliché and said a thousand times before, but these guys have got it and everyone should definitely see these guys live.

Sinderins-2 2

Thanks to HMLV Tut’s is still buzzing and on a bit of a high as Sinderins take the stage to a superb mixture of cheers and chants from the crowd.

It’s always fun to watch these guys perform, with a changeover after every song and a different member taking the lead vocals and then doing it all over again, but for me David Webster’s vocals are just so beautifully fitting with the bluesy folk style they play.

They experiment with instruments and for a live performance this is what really separates them from a lot of bands.

From their AMWWF days they seems so much surer of themselves and the sound they want not only as a band, but for each member when they take the lead; maybe a nod to their name Sinderins – a well known junction in home city Dundee, with them themselves saying: “for the band, this junction represents the different path they now find ourselves on.’”

This is an excellent gig filled with soul, blues, folk and rock; going from a sweet soulful and poignant vibe to a crazy energetic adrenaline rush and then both and everything in between.

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Words: Olivia Campbell
Photos: Bill Gray


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