Nieves – ‘Legs and Arms’

I’ve been awfully fond of Nieves ever since I heard their debut single ‘Winter’; as mixing up traditional folk with a modern indie twist and heart-wrenching lyrics is right up my street.

Originally a duo consisting of guitarist/vocalist Brendan Dafters and pianist Herre de Leur, Nieves have now picked up an additional two members in the form of second guitarist Martin Murray and drummer Ross Fosyth.

The new line-up is showcased well in new single ‘Legs and Arms’, which opens with Dafters’ stunning vocals against soft piano, a similar sound to their previous material, however as the percussion kicks in it’s a whole new story, which is just as enjoyable and gives Nieves the opportunity to really build up to a triumphant chorus.

Nieves are band that want you to, not only to hear the emotion in their music but, actually feel it as well, engrossing you in each single’s message.

Words: Jess Lavin


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