WOMPS – ‘Live a Little Less’ [Damnably]

Glasgow’s very own WOMPS are adept at causing a racket; rising from the ashes of noisy and productive rockers, Algernon Doll, WOMPS are a more upbeat version of their predecessors’ rampaging garage rock.

‘Live a Little Less’ was recorded with garage production legend Steve Albini, the man behind such classics as Nirvana’s In Utero and the Pixies’ Surfer Rosa.

This debut single is the first taste of an entire Albini produced album, but for a producer best known for bringing out the beast in his charges’ music, the most welcome thing about ‘Live a Little Less’ is the strength of the core melody.

The guitars might crackle with energy, but they do so in service of a tune worthy of Kurt Vile or Dylan Baldi’s Cloud Nothings.

They may have managed four albums in their previous guise, but ‘Live A Little Less’ screams from the rooftops that a new gang are in town.

Ewan Grant (guitars/vocals) and Owen Wicksted (drums)’s new focus has been well rewarded.

Words: Max Sefton

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