Indigo Velvet – ‘Blue’

The new single from Indigo Velvet is a very upbeat and catchy pop record, with bright vocals and high-toned melodies it captures the spirit of modern popular music.

The song begins with a catchy, intricate guitar riff and airy drone, which immediately set the tone of the rest of the record.

The bright and clear vocals are introduced and the song starts to take shape with catchier guitar riffs and melodic, soft synthesised bass.

The chorus is the epitome of a catchy pop song with bursts of clean guitar and synthesiser, while the catchy lyrics boom: “just hold on and don’t let go, ‘cause I’ll never change, ‘cause I’ll never change”.

During the bridge there is a breakdown, which mimics that of African chanting, and a primitive percussion section, but after breaks back into the catchy chorus.

‘Blue’ focuses on the upbeat and catchy style of pop music, and it does so in a way that is hard not to bop along to, with high major melodies and sing-along lyrics this track provides the last of the summer’s pop songs.

Words: Louis Jenkins


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