Tijuana Bibles – Ghost Dance Movement

Their name might conjure ghost town preachers and dusty prairie roads, but the most believable stopping off points for Glasgow neo-psych rockers, Tijuana Bibles, are AM-era Arctic Monkeys and their spiritual forebears Queens of the Stone Age.

Trading in dusty riffs, sexy come-ons and late night tales, their rock ‘n’ roll outlaw shtick is given a good airing on the Ghost Dance Movement EP, a collection of four tracks released to launch the four-piece on an ambitious European tour.

None of the tracks here have the evil crunch of 2014 single ‘Crucifixion’, but ‘Sun Chaser’ is the standout with a mystical desert vibe that suggests that Tijuana Bibles might be at home licking a few frogs in the frontier town they take their moniker from.

With an earworm of a chorus and woozy dynamics reminiscent of Tame Impala, it’s a psychedelic stomp worthy of huge audiences.

There’s no lack of ambition on Ghost Dance Movement, with even the cumbersomely titled ‘6 2 00:00’ powered by the type of massive guitars that powered Miles Kane’s ‘Inhaler’ into the indie premier league.

Similarly the title track whips up a moody psychedelic stomper of the kind that Kasabian have been mopping up stadiums with, while ‘Apogee’ has the energy and switchblade riffs of the Jim Jones Revue on amphetamines.

You’re probably not going to find the meaning of life in Tijuana Bibles’ cosmic soup, but if you like your rock n’ roll mean, greasy and kicking out the jams, then the time has come to take a sip.

Words: Max Sefton

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