SWIM DEEP at Oran Mor, 12/10/15

As soon as SWIM DEEP begins to play, Oran Mor is transformed into a groovy space disco.

The B-Town heroes have left the field of sunflowers that their last album, Where The Heaven Are We, sounds like it was written in, to board a rocket to the moon.

This set is a lot more polished than the gig they played here this time two years ago and the band prove that they are not just another beachy guitar band; they are confident, exciting and still undeniably funky.

Previously SWIM DEEP sets always felt a bit too short, always leaving you wanting more, but now your need for more has been fulfilled.

New songs like ‘Namaste’ and ‘One Great Song and I Could Change The World’ sound like hits alongside fan favourites like ‘Honey’ and ‘She Changes The Weather’.

Another highlight is ‘These Red Lips I Know’ with the track being played a couple of beats faster than at previous performances, with some extra funk added making you feel like you are dancing on the beach with the waves lapping around you, rather than in a church basement.

Swim deep1

The ever-relatable ‘King City’ has the crowd going wild with everyone singing from the bottom of their hearts about wanting change and a dream girlfriend.

During the gig you can’t help but smile, SWIM DEEP is one of those bands that sound like they are made out of pure sunshine.

The band has writing feel good tunes down to an art, cutting all the cheesy nonsense and packing in as much positivity as possible.

I even leave wearing a jacket from their merch table, which is a rarity from this tight-fisted reviewer.

More Photos

Words: Hannah Moore
Photos: Elina Lin

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