BABY STRANGE, The Lapelles, Halfrican at Saint Luke’s, 9/10/15

Newly opened St. Luke’s in Glasgow’s east end has almost instantly become one of the most popular venues in the city right now.


Tonight it hosts the long awaited home city headline for BABY STRANGE and a considerable amount of people have turned up for the first support and after some great tunes, matching t-shirt and short wearing Halfrican take to the stage.

There has been a bit of a line up change with these guys recently, with two new members and it only adds to the wild and savage way they carry themselves on stage.

Their set is energetic and lively; musically they have a great sound, playing some new songs, but also the rather excellent ‘Cocksucker’ and ‘Down To Fuck’.

Halfrican are incredibly likeable, with their unashamed fun loving attitude on stage, every show is a good one.

The Lapelles2

The Lapelles really fill up the venue with a dedicated crowd assembling right in front of the stage.

That crowd sets the standard for the rest of the audience as they consistently jump about singing along.

With synth in the line up it changes the vibe of the night, a bit more edgy but both acts have some great basslines.

A young band, The Lapelles are now getting some brilliant support slots and polishing their sound.

Baby Strange1

They put on a great set which really sets the crowd up for BABY STRANGE.

As expected this room is packed and spirits are high as the band start their set.

The crowd is frenzied as soon as they start to play; with a grungy punk vibe, heavy drums and strident and striking guitars they completely own the moment and everyone wants to have as much fun as they are.

The audience is filled with a considerable amount of younger people and where the lyrics of the songs are concerned they totally get it.

BABY STRANGE are the band of the moment and with a good few headlines now have created a fantastic and loyal fan base that only add to the enthusiasm of their live gigs.

Personal taste but Halfrican were absolutely incredible tonight and killed it; hopefully some bigger things are round the corner.

A great line up all round and of course a shout out to Acting Strange who did a small set at the after party in The Priory- having seen them four times in the last month alone they have formed a solid and meticulous affliction with each other on stage and the rising confidence and connexion has completely complimented their live sound.

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Words: Olivia Campbell
Photos: Daphne Michalaki


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