Scottish Alternative Music Awards at The Garage, 8/10/15

After three successful showcases the sixth SAMAs main event is finally here with a line up full of past winners and current nominees.
We Came From Wolves open up the night with a mix of new and old songs from their album and previous EP.

As the warm up act for tonight they go down well with plenty of attendees focusing their attention on the soon to be ‘Best Rock Act’.
They give a good show and look genuinely proud to be playing tonight.

Crash Club know how to completely take over a venue and cause an uproar of elation and madness.

Electro and rock, they bring a euphoric and psychedelic twist to tonight’s line up, they bring the rooms vibe to a whole new level with everyone dancing to the never stopping beats and prominent guitars that work so well with each other.

Tonight they don’t have any guest vocalists, it may have added something extra, but generally Crash Club once again are able to perform an ecstatic performance with some of the best lightning of the night.

They happen to win ‘Best Electric Act’ after being nominated two years in a row.

Last years ‘Best Hip Hop’ winners, and oddly not nominated for that or ‘Best Live’ this year, Hector Bizerk have the pleasure of closing proceedings.

What a year they have had thinking back to March 2014 when frontman Louie claimed their award with a memorable rap that people still go on about.

Like Crash Club they are experts at hyping a crowd up; both band and audience aren’t holding back with even a giant Hector flag waving about.

Fan favourite ‘Party in A&E’ is played with some excellent drumming from Audrey Tait.

Marc Rooney of Pronto Mama makes an appearing later on in the set and provides the vocals for new song ‘They Made A Porno On a Mobile Phone and Everybody Laughed’ that goes down brilliantly with an exhilarated crowd.

Another successful year for the SAMAs, some well deserved winners, and some that we maybe don’t agree with, but we’ll chalk that down to personal opinion for the time being.

Words: Olivia Campbell


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