Prehistoric Friends (album launch), eagleowl at The Hug and Pint, 23/10/15

After our struggle to find somewhere to eat in the West End on a Friday night, we arrive at The Hug and Pint slightly later than originally planned therefore sadly missing Dave Frazer and only catching the end of eagleowl’s set.

What we catch of eagleowl is extremely entertaining as the band showcase a number of tracks each as sublime and timeless as each other.


The room is packed out tonight for the launch of Prehistoric Friends’ long-awaited debut and self-titled album, which is on sale tonight as a download code placed in a handmade fossil – a lovely and unique touch.

Prehistoric Friends is the project of multi-instrumentalist Liam Chapman (Friends in America, Miaoux Miaoux, Supermoon and the rest) and Glasgow Chamber Orchestra’s Nichola Kerr.

Tonight they are joined by their live band – Julian Corrie (Miaoux Miaoux) and Joe Rattray, Louis Abbot (Admiral Fallow) and are tightly squeezed on the venue’s small stage along with a number of plants.

The lack of space doesn’t hold the band back as they deliver a set full of gliding strings, dreamy vocals and chiming synth, which create an overall atmospheric and truly captivating sound.

Highlights include first single ‘Bermuda Triangle’ and new song ‘Being Human, Human Being’ – an upbeat track that the crowd is encouraged to dance along to, but “not too much, you might fall over! As there’s so many of you!” Kerr chimes in – a comment that truly shows just how busy tonight’s venue is.

Prehistoric Friends certainly know how to put on a show and their attention to detail certainly pays off tonight – if you ever get the chance to see this band live please make the effort to.

More Photos

Words: Jess Lavin
Photos: Paul Storr

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