A Love From Outer Space with Andrew Weatherall and Sean Johnston / Music’s Not For Everyone at SWG3 / Poetry Club, 7/11/15

Two hours of Andrew Weatherall for free – six hours of the self same for £9; whatever way you look at it, that is a doozy of a deal.

Recently relocated from the much loved residency at the louche Berkley Suite, A Love From Outer Space has added an early evening slot in the intimate Poetry Club next door to the revamped SWG3 – and what a marvellous thing it is; live broadcast on Radio Magnetic around the world, but why wouldn’t you want to be here?

It’s chilled and, more importantly, the tunes from one of the world’s greats are, well, great; as dubby and eclectic as you like, it’s conviviality turned up to eleven with some raucous grooves thrown in to keep you on edge.

With or without heading along to the club night later, if you like music there’s no better way to spend two hours in this part of town; or any town, come to that.

This is for everyone; everyone.

Invigorated we head upstairs to experience the spanking new B&W sound system – always had a soft spot for the sound here, but there’s no getting away from it, the quality of the old rig was dire; loud, almost certainly, three days of tinnitus, guaranteed.

No such painful luck this time as the new set up is a beast: realigned in the room the coverage is way better and, as has never been experienced upon leaving here before, one could actually still hear when frothing out the door come closing; appreciated by the bar staff as well, a number of whom are spotted grooving along to Sean Johnston and Weatherall playing back to back most of the night.

And why not? The grooves are excellent from bassy, heavy, tribal and deep house through some Balearic monsters reminiscent of the remix of The Woodentops ‘Why Why Why’ – but not – to Kraftwerk’s ‘The Model’ making a deliriously hefty appearance at one point.

There’s a definite broadening in musical remit from The Berkeley Suite days, in breadth of tempo if nothing else – this isn’t simply moving to a different venue to make more dosh, it’s a subtle change in personality as well; more expansive.

Still incredibly friendly though and just solid solid solid; the ratio of folk dancing to folk lounging about is exactly as it should be – i.e. five people at the bar, every other bugger romping about the warehouse.

Some good entertainment to be had watching two quite different crowds interacting outside during tactical cooling / fag breaks; an Ibiza reunion with a young, sparkly crowd is occurring downstairs prompting some grand and sweaty conversations.

What’s going on up there then?”

A Love From Outer Space – Andrew Weatherall’s playing and it rocks. How’s your do?

Aye, great, it’s only for people who know Ibiza though.

Chastised in a good natured way, we resist the urge to suggest that without Mr Weatherall and his cohort’s forays onto the White Island all those years ago, the array of bouncing youngsters spread in front of us would have no Ibiza in its current form to reunite about.

A pleasing bringing together of two different tribes with a common interest in waving their arses about.

And that’s it: this is a great night, a bargain price, truly excellent music, chilled staff and frankly one of the best nights around at the moment.

Glasgow is blessed with this jolly; time to dip your toes in… you’ll get home at some hour or other.

Words: Vosne Malconsorts

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