Broken Boy – ‘Ready’ [Vadana]

‘Ready’ is the next single by Fife trio Broken Boy, released on Vadana Records later this week.

It opens with a rhythmic melody and it’s not long before the single grips hold of your attention and refuses to let go, its upbeat chorus is infectious in the best of ways encouraging your feet to tap along to its beat.

Cam Black’s vocals are strong throughout and are only complimented by brother Stewart’s skillful plucked guitar.

The memorable vocal hook is held together by drummer, and relatively new addition Fraser Laing, whose lively energy perfectly matches Broken Boy’s sound.

Aside from simply being an extremely addictive indie tune capable of leaving listeners in high spirits, ‘Ready’ showcases Broken Boy’s musicianship and passion justifying the interest they have received from publications and touring bands alike.

Words: Toni Edwards

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