The Duke, Detroit – Small Town Minded

Since forming in 2013, Troi Law, Dom Underwood and Jake Lawson, collectively known as The Duke, Detroit, have not only gained a positive reputation worldwide with their music, but they have also blended into the fashion world, through their work with various fashion photographers and stylists.

Their new album, Small Town Minded, set to be released on the 28th of November, conveys the band’s overall sleek and stylish sound.

Their experience of fashion parties in Britain’s fashion capital, London, have undoubtedly been a influence within the album, as, overall, it has a mysterious and seductive style and would, therefore, naturally be the perfect accompaniment to any fashion event.

Opener ‘Iconic’ commences the album with a crisp and lively sound, something that continues throughout the album, particularly in tracks such as NuGirlz’ and ‘Saturday’.

‘Most Of The Time’ and ‘XXX’ display a more spacious sound, providing a balance between explosive and dreamy, something that is experimented with throughout the album.

Single ‘Accelerate’ stands out on its own, but maintains the album’s overall style, however it possesses a darker and more intense sound, both within its musical and vocal style.

Towards the end of the album, ‘City Breaks’ and ‘Hurts’ appear slightly out of place, with a grittier and more rock-influenced sound alongside repetitive lyrics and riffs.

These tracks seem more light-hearted and do not take themselves as seriously as what has been previously heard, however this displays another positive balance and an example of some more experimentation.

This is a very strong and confident album that succeeds in achieving an individual sound, rather than coming across as a pretentious copy of 80’s electra-pop.

Small Town Minded displays The Duke, Detroit’s addictive energy and captivating musical style that will no doubt be received extremely well in the capital, where the band are currently working and playing shows.

Words: Orla Brady

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