Bella and the Bear – A Girl Called Bella

A Girl Called Bella is the second official EP from Ayr-based duo, Bella and the Bear.

Having played at numerous festivals throughout Scotland, Bella and the Bear have returned to their newest EP with a fresh outlook and a compelling sound.

Their traditional acoustic sound offers immensely intricate and beautiful lyrics paired with engaging rhythmic guitar and powerful vocals.

‘Skeleton’, ’Little Boat’ and ‘Paper Planes’ all include excerpts of spoken word creating an impressively unique sound, which blends effortlessly with the strong vocals from the duo.

Their Scottish roots are portrayed proudly through the spoken word and create a rougher edge to the acoustic scene.

‘Magaluf’ carries a different sound with elements of jazz and funk, however Bella and the Bear manage to maintain their captivating rhythms throughout each and every track.

There is a timeless feel to A Girl Called Bella as it includes a sense of wonder and excitement paired with quiet melancholy.

The position of the tracks paired with the expertly chosen elements of spoken word make this EP a rare find and highlight why it isn’t one to miss.

Words: Rebecca Gault


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