Jennylee, West Princes at Stereo, 7/12/15

Warpaint’s most charismatic member, bassist Jenny Lee Lindberg, has gone solo and plays her first UK date to a packed-out Stereo.

New Glasgow-based band West Princes open; dressed like a trio of art school boys, they play upbeat high-treble indie like Swim Deep.

Single ‘You Never Told Me What to Say’ will be released in 2016.

Jennylee’s album on Rough Trade, Right On, is unreleased at the time so the material is fresh and unheard.

After playing a couple of songs Lindberg asks the crowd how they are, then admits, “I’m still really nervous;” this statement is the only giveaway.

Otherwise she is a formidable force, dancing around wearing her own Right On hoodie with only a mic in hand, having delegated her bass playing skills to a band member.

The music is mellow and understated, but intense, building to crescendos so loud they go unnoticed until she is writhing onstage, yelling “White devil/white devil” over thrashing drums.

It is like partaking in a neo-Pagan ritual, with songs entitled ‘Offerings’ and ‘Believe’ similar to Natasha Khan’s record Sexwitch.

First single ‘Never’ is a brilliant indie song with ethereal layered vocals and a driving bassline.

Lindberg picks up her bass to finish with Warpaint track ‘CC’ which sounds flawless live.

Words: Ellen MacAskill


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