Brownbear at Tut’s, 11/12/15

Due to me being a complete nightmare of a person and leaving the keys for my flat at my mum’s house I arrive at King Tut’s much later than originally planned – tired after spending the majority of the day on ScotRail services.

Luckily I only miss the first two songs of Brownbear’s set, making it in time for personal favourite ‘Soul-Searching.’

The excitement in the packed out venue is enough to shake my lethargic feelings away, and both the crowd and band’s enthusiasm encourage a smile across my face.

Brownbear treat the crowd to a number of tracks both old and new, which showcase their development as a band as well each aspect of their musical skill, however the highlight of the night is the large group of extremely eager fans who continue to dance throughout the entire set.

The band return to the stage for an encore and play two additional tracks, including crowd-pleaser ‘Dead or Alive’, introduced by frontman Matt Hickman asking the crowd if they are “gonna take the roof off the place?”, which is answered by loud claps and cheers.

Hickman is a true showman and this comes across in his performance as he playfully engages with his audience, but also knows when it’s best to just let his music do the talking.

Brownbear are not a band I listen to on a day-to-day basis, despite being very good at what they do – it’s just not my style – however the energy the four-piece demonstrate in their live performance is enough to make them worth seeing live again and again.

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Words: Jess Lavin
Photos: Tim J Gray

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