FUZZKILL presents Breakfast MUFF (EP launch), Secret Motorbikes, BIN MEN at The Old Hairdressers, 19/12/15

The Old Hairdressers is a venue that bags intimacy with ease – It feels like a drunken party in your teenage best pal’s bedroom.

Handmade posters hang above the main stage, some chairs are dotted about at random, someone’s left their drink on a speaker and an extension cable holds a few lamps and one of those nifty disco lights.

It’s an intimacy so intense it’s hard to facilitate, and hard to find bands that thrive in, but for Fuzzkill, it’s sure-fire success.

Tonight is the launch of Rainbow Yawn, a new EP from Glasgow’s three-piece fuzzy pop darlings Breakfast MUFF.

First up are Secret Motorbikes, who describe themselves on bandcamp with one simple question: “what is this crud?”.

‘Is Di$ 4 Real?’ is clean cut – out of place among the distortions of Fuzzkill’s usual affair, but the Motorbikes have a clear identity stamped out and the contrast is more than welcome – and complemented by the breezy stage presence of the band: “Do you want to request a song? No, not one of ours, we’ve had enough of them”.

Their newly released ‘Life on The Edge’ is played live for the first time, and it premieres flawlessly – well, as flawless as fuzzy alternative rock can be – it’s languidly melodic and utterly infectious, a sound seemingly impossible to stop yourself swaying to.

Secret Motorbikes give a killer set, and a shining benchmark to Glasgow’s Mac Demarco vocal wannabes, who don’t quite set themselves apart.

When the quiet, slightly unhinged notes of ‘Wonderful Christmastime’ creep through a venue, you might just make the mistake of believing that the BIN MEN were on the bill as mere hype guys, but they’re nothing less than showstoppers.

The second the first Glasgow twanged word falls out of their mouths, the crowd is hooked into a fit of slightly frightened and confused laughter.

What are these geezers doing? What’s the year of the bucket? It’s a happy confusion.

While the sweet stylings of ‘Money’ and the lyrical wit of ‘Buckets’ are certainly highlights, nothing quite beats the duo shouting “I’LL NEVER PAY MY STUDENT LOAN” in the middle of their set.

A tear sprang to the eyes of each befuddled SAAS recipient in the throng.

The BIN MEN are an experience to behold live – and a brilliant choice to have as a support act.

Nothing gets a crowd more riled up than shouting “You’re a Bitch!” into a microphone.

Breakfast MUFF’s punk vigour is contagious.

Despite the stress of having to shout over the dense crowd of fans who’d formed around them to get their microphones sorted there stage presence is minimal, bar a member of the BIN MEN walking on stage to offer comforting hugs over said broken microphone, but no one was complaining about their return.

Cutting the awkward stage chat to fit in the entirety of their EP was a smart move – each song translates effortlessly into The Old Hairdressers’ intimacy.

They’re a band with a joyous energy – and raw talent.

They swap instruments for the entire set and – exempting some obvious height issues when it comes to differing microphones – fluently.

The menacing, ascending sound of ‘Horny People’ is taunting – there’s always something odd about witnessing strange sound effects like the laughter and clicking captured on this track in person, but it feels natural from a band that has just released an EP which ranges to matters of interest like Satan, hating your guts and some horny people.

‘Not Down to Fuck’ is a particular highlight, its haunting melodies fall apart in shouting fits – a grungy cacophony of teenage angst, and the very essence of Breakfast MUFF’s melodically fuzzy sound.

Breakfast MUFF are pop at its filthiest – once you strip away the unfettered distortion.

They’re absolutely wild fun with an effortless charm – a grimy gem to watch for on the Glasgow music scene.

Words: Madeline Dunne


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